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moving images

We have an extented experience in video using multicam services, live streaming and a combination of cameras and drone equipment.

Wedding video

We want to tell the story of your wedding day without missing anything. Our objective is to capture the atmosphere and the emotions and create a timeless memroy of this day. You can contact me to organise the details of this day.

Vassilis & Afroditi

A beautiful wedding which started in a unique mansion and continued in the picturesque Chryssopigi church. The romantic moments of the couple were sealed under the moon.

Andreas & Afroditi

On a windy day the couple took the steps to the 7 Martyrs chapel for an unforgetable ceremony. Tha party after in a rare Artemonas arrangment was remembered for a long time.

Michael & Stella

This lovely couple travelled from the other side of the Atlantic in order to exhange vows in a very touching ceremony.

Advertising video

We have created numerous advertising videos for our clients. You can contact us to organise a video shooting which will increase the visibilty of your company iaround the web .

Short Video Fiml

Prophet Elias feast day at the highest mountain of Sifnos.

Official Tourism Spot

After collaborating with the Municipality of Sifnos, a spot was created in order to promote the island as a vacation destination.

Olive Oil Production

The process of the olive oil production on Sifnos Island.

The process of the olive oil production on Sifnos Island

The process of the olive oil production on Sifnos Island

events video

In spite of being a small island, there are many things happening throughout the year in Sifnos. Cultural, sports, religious and other events run all year long. Using the right video equipment for each occasion, I document them as extensively as I can, as a future testament of life in a small island in Cyclades.

Sifnos Trail Race

After extensive preparation & organisation we have succesfully covered a very demanding sports event, which spanned across the mountains of Sifnos.


A cultural event which many different takes and extensive post editing so as to achieve the desired outcome.

Gastronomy Festival

We have been covering extensively for many years "Tselemetntes" he biggest gastronomy festival in Cyclades. It is a 3 days event which brings together visitors from all around Greece.

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